Sunday, 20 December 2015

Neville Has Changed The Sign At Santa's Toy Factory...

A message from Santa's two loyal elves, Derek Droopy-Ears and Elvis Curly-Toes...

Look at what nasty Neville has done to the toy factory sign!
Hello Santa!

As you can see, Neville the Naughty Elf has been doing all sorts of naughty things since you left him in charge.  He's even changed the sign at the front of the toy factory from 'Santa's Toy Factory' to 'Neville's Toy Factory'!

And if he carries on putting so many nice kids on the naughty list then it won't even be called a 'toy' factory, because there'll be no nice kids left on the 'nice list' to make toys for!

We've uploaded a photo of the new sign as proof, so that you can see what Neville has been up to while you're away.  To be honest though, Santa, the new sign is just the tip of the iceberg!

Everyone misses you Santa - well, except for nasty Neville - so please come back as soon as possible.  Otherwise Neville might just ruin Christmas for everyone!

Your loyal elves,

Derek Droopy-Ears and Elvis Curly-Toes.

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