A Message For Santa

Santa Claus has gone missing and his replacement, Neville the Naughty Elf, has been getting up to all sorts of mischief while Santa is away.  This blog has been created by two of Santa's loyal elves, Derek Droopy-Ears and Elvis Curly-Toes, as a way to hopefully contact Santa and let him know what Neville is getting up to!

A letter to Santa from his two loyal elves...

"Hello Santa!

Since you left Neville the Elf in charge of the Toy Factory he's done all sorts of naughty things.  He's been putting hundreds of nice kids on the naughty list, for no reason at all!  He's changed the sign at the front of the toy factory from 'Santa's Toy Factory' to 'Neville's Toy Factory'!  And worst of all, he's cut our wages by 50%!

You have to beileve us!  Neville acted all nice to your face, but secretly, he's really horrible!  Please come back to the toy factory as soon as possible and make things nice again.

We know how sneaky Neville can be, so to make sure you believe us we've recorded lots of evidence of what Neville has been doing and uploaded it to this blog.

Please come back to the toy factory Santa, and put things back to the way they were, or this will be the worst Christmas ever!

Your loyal elves,

Derek Droopy-Ears and Elvis Curly-Toes."

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